Welcome to the Market Access Program!


 The PIA Market Access Program provides PIA member agents with prompt and easy access to preferred commercial & personal lines “A” rated (or better) admitted carriers.  The Market Access program offers excellent pricing and competitive commissions. There is no minimum written premium requirement.


How to Place Business in Market Access Program:
In order to place business in the PIA Market Access program you must first be a member.  If you are not a member and wish to join please click here. 

The PIA Market Access program offers you two business submission choices.  You can choose either the “Point and Click Submission System” or the “PIA Multi-Rater.”


Point & Click System
The “point and click” submission system is a simple and easy “point and click tool” designed to give the PIA Member user an online submission underwriting tool on their desk top.  At the click of the mouse the Market Access program lets you research, submit, and write your business - all online.   Incomplete applications will be returned.   Click here for sample forms


How the Point and Click System Works:
Unlike the multi rater, there is no fee for this program.  When you are ready to quote business using this system simply do the following:
  • Click here to have the desktop PIA Market Access Program ICON emailed to you.
  • Once you get the PIA Market Access Program ICON
  • Click on the PIA Market Access Program Icon which will take you directly to the PIA Market Access program
  • Review company appetite lists by clicking on a company logo.  If eligible…
  • Click on and complete the Acord Application
  • Hit submit. 

The point and click system is not a real-time multi rater.  You will receive personal lines and small business BOP quotes within 24 to 72 business hours depending upon the risk and company to which it has been submitted.  Quote time may be longer in some cases due to the risk exposures.  You will get a response from one of our experienced underwriting and customer service team. 


PIA Multi-Rater
While no longer mandatory, PIA will still be offering its members access to a commercial and personal lines multi rater.  If you’re a current user or a new customer, you can choose to use the multi rater for the following monthly fee: Personal lines $35.00 Commercial lines $35.00 or PL/CL combination $65.00.   If you’re currently using the multi rater, PIA recommends that before you make any decisions relative to discontinuing the multi rater, you first try the point and click submission system. 

The multi rater is a powerful tool and will deliver you real time quotes. If you are a first time user and contemplating using the multi rater, please keep in mind that like all technology, you must first learn the system in order to use it to its fullest capacity.  The PIA hosts training webinars each month.  Please contact Lisa to schedule your training (888-246-4466 x112).  

>>Learn To Use The PIA MAP Multi-Rater - Sign up Now for Commercial and Personal Lines Multi-Rater Webinar by clicking this Link.   Webinars are held twice a month, the 2nd Thursday for Personal Lines and 3rd Thursday for Commercial Lines.


If You Decide To Switch - We Need Hear From You!
Should you decide to discontinue the multi rater then we need you to contact us.  The PIA does not keep its members credit cards on file so if you are a current multi rater user and choose to discontinue using the multi rater, we will need to process your credit card in order to remove the monthly user fee.  Please contact Kelli at 888-246-4466 x123.


Complete the following to get started writing business in the PIA Market Access Program:
To join the PIA Click here. 
Click here to have the desktop PIA Market Access Program ICON emailed to you.
Complete the Limited Agency Agreement Click here
To sign up for the multi rater Click here.
Click on your state to download and complete the required Affiliation Form: CAID, NM, NV, OR, WA. The following states do not require an Affiliation Form: AK, AZ, & MT
Click here and read the Agency Transaction Charge information
Click hereto read the commission schedule


We also need a copy of your E&O Dec page (annually) and a copy of your Agency and Producer License for each state you wish to write in.  Please remit by e-mail to ricky@piawest.com or fax to 888-346-4466.

For programming or how to use the system call Ricky 888-246-4466 x116
For billing changes call Kelli 888-246-4466 x123
For insurance coverage’s and multi rater training calls Lisa 888-246-4466 x112
I would also like to hear from you.  Please e-mail or call me with your questions, suggestions or input.  I can be reached at 888-246-4466 x114 or clark@piawest.com



Commercial accounts $1,000 and under must be paid in full.  A $25 administrative fee will be charged on all new policies under $1,000.  This is not a policy fee.  Agents (depending on state law) can pass this fee onto their customer as a policy fee.  The minimum liability limit we will quote for ALL commercial lines products is $1 million. 

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